Try to position the webcam just above eye level and about two feet away from you. Whenever possible, always do your video call on a laptop with a webcam! It’s a better experience for you and those on the other end; joining a video call from a mobile phone can come across unprofessional if not done properly. If you have to take the call from your phone, try to get a stand to stabilize things.

  • When you walk into the interview room, subtly wipe your possibly clammy/sweaty hands on your pants or skirt and get ready for the first competence trigger – the handshake.
  • Not only will this give you a better sense of the company, but it will also give you the opportunity to highlight your own values.
  • You can bring 2 or 3 pages of written or printed notes to job interviews with full confidence.

When you bring notes to a job interview, you should aim to only write down the most critical, impactful points that you need to remember. If you’re looking for more information on how to write a great resume – or get an expert to help you with yours – you’ve come to the right place! The essential task in any in-person interview process is to create a positive bond with the interviewer. If taking notes interferes with any of the above, it may be counterproductive. After a tough application process, you’ve finally scored an interview at your dream physical therapy school. You’ve researched the program, practiced for their questions, and reread your own application.


These people may assume that there were too many applicants for the interview committee to fact-check each resume. Most employers do closely evaluate candidates or check over their social media accounts, so it’s important to present yourself in an accurate way when job hunting. While the interviewers may already have a copy of your resume , you absolutely need to bring a few copies to share if anyone in the mix hasn’t seen it or needs to refer back to it. It’s never good advice to bring pre-written answers to your interview questions. Interviewers want your meeting to be a conversation. You should prepare answers before your interview but don’t bring notes of written answers.

What if you get a job offer on the spot, and the HR department wants to get a head start processing your information? You’ll likely have to return with other supporting documents, but you can provide a copy of your ID to get started. Did you know that it makes a much better impression to enter an in-person interview carrying only one item?

Preparing for an interview is key

Keep them safe in a rigid folder to prevent them from getting crumpled. Think of your portfolio as an opportunity to show your stuff. Fill it with whatever shows off your skills and qualifications.

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